Countdown to Zero.
The Declaration

What is this declaration?

This declaration is to challenge the government to increase the resources and funds allocated to BAME organisations to lead the initiatives to end HIV in BAME communities.

For decades, BAME communities have constantly been underfunded, having the worst HIV and sexual health outcomes and struggling to access culturally-appropriate services. It’s time we end this fight together and we can’t leave anybody behind.

Why should I sign this declaration?

By signing this declaration, you are:

  • Actively helping more people get tested for HIV
  • Joining the world in ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030
  • Supporting a movement to end stigma in minority communities
  • Challenging the government to finally take action in helping BAME communities get the access and awareness they deserve
  • Not leaving anybody behind
  • Fighting injustice and supporting minority groups that don’t have a voice
  • Taking action for the changes you want to see in the world.

Countdown to Zero: The Declaration

I am committed to the ‘Countdown to ZERO’ HIV Declaration, fighting stigma and inequalities in minority communities and supporting the United Nations’ goal to end all new HIV diagnoses by 2030.

I, therefore, pledge to:

1. Actively challenge HIV-related stigma by standing in solidarity with all people living with HIV

2. Ensure that I and those around me never use words or actions to harm people living with HIV

3. Call on the government and funding bodies to increase the resources and funds allocated to BAME-led organisations to co-design and lead the initiatives to end HIV in BAME communities

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